Welcome to the Strand Centre

The Strand Centre is in the centre of Dawlish.  We offer a warm welcome to residents and holiday makers and we are the home of several community and support groups.

We run the Inspire Café.  It is a community venture which serves the finest filtered coffee in Dawlish and offers a menu of locally resourced meals which have won wide acclaim. 

Coronavirus update

The Strand Community Centre will be making meals/puddings for the elderly and vulnerable who are forced to stay in due to self-isolating or are attempting to keep themselves safe from the pandemic which is spreading across the country. We would be very grateful if anyone could make donations or give food to the café for us to continue to do so.

If you are someone who this maybe useful for or know someone in need of this please go and pick up one of the forms that can be picked up inside of the strand community centre or downloaded from here!

More information about what the Strand Centre is doing to support the local community during the coronavirus pandemic.

Many thanks to everyone who is supporting the café at this difficult time.

How You Can Help

The Friends of the Strand Centre are a key part of the Centre.  They support the work by regular working as volunteers and by monthly donations to help us raise the £900 a week which it costs to run the centre.  More Friends are always welcome. Make your contribution by working in the Café, befriending, administration, reception, kids activities, events and DIY.

If you are in interesting in supporting the work of the Strand Centre please complete and return this form or contact us.

“Dawlish on the south Devon coast is everything you might expect of a seaside resort in February. Yet this ostensibly sleepy West Country town was the nerve-centre of a violent gang from the north-east who over a decade built a brutal drug empire worth at least £1m while also preying on vulnerable young women who fell under their spell. Last month they were found guilty of flooding Dawlish and the adjacent seaside town of Teignmouth with cocaine.——It was the town’s most vulnerable inhabitants who suffered most. Many of these found sanctuary in the community centre and cafe in the nearby Strand church.”
The Observer March 2020

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